The Lyra (also known as the aerial hoop) is a circular steel aerial apparatus suspended from the ceiling and can be used static, spinning, or swinging aerial movement.   Be ready to build strength, flexibility, and coordination – not to mention bruises in unusual places…! _____________________________________________________________________________


  1. Please wear comfortable, close-fitting, yoga-type clothing that covers armpits, waist and backs of the knees. Men may want to wear briefs, not boxers.
  2. Bring a water bottle.
  3. Bare feet – please make sure they are clean and fresh.
  4. Long hair tied back.
  5. No jewelry, rivets, zippers, or anything else that could damage the silks.
  6. No hand lotion (it will interfere with your grip), and please no heavy fragrances, natural or otherwise.
  7. Students will be most comfortable practicing on an empty stomach, a two hour window between your last meal and class is recommended.
  8. A yoga mat is highly recommended for warm-ups

Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign a waiver if it is your first time at Birds Eye View Circus.  If you are underage we will need a waiver signed by a legal guardian in person.


Absence Policy:  Please note, we work hard to make sure class size is small so that you get the most for your time and money.  That said, there are NO REFUNDS at any time. 


In House Discount: Sign up for one full Aerial Class session (7 weeks) and get your 2nd (or all additional full classes) at a 50% discount.  May not be shared between people, applies to single student only.  All classes must be taken in the same 7- week session.

___________________________________________________________________________Thank you thank you!


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