Open Gym

Current weekly times are listed on calendar page of our website

Open Gym is an opportunity for current students to rehearse and solidify movements they are learning in class.  We welcome aerialists, acro yogis, jugglers, and other flow artists to come have fun and work on their skills.

Aerialists:  Open gym is time for established aerialists to condition and practice. This is self-guided play time in a safe environment and an opportunity to hone skills you have learned in class, condition, work on sequencing, get feedback from your fellow students, practice an upcoming routine and to have FUN!

That said, we have rules in place to keep you and Birds Eye View Circus safe. If you are unable follow them, your OG privileges will be revoked and you will need to meet with your instructor and Erin to discuss restoring them.

  • Students must be cleared for using aerial equipment by their instructor before attending.
  • Open Gym is not the time to try a pose or sequence that you do not know. Make sure you understand it before practicing it.  If you are seen doing risky moves not learned in class, your OG privileges may be revoked with no refund.  If there is a move you are wanting to learn, send it to your instructor and ask them if they would include it in class- or do a private lesson.
  • Work from your notes, do not ask or interrupt the practice of other students or instructors. Ask your instructor during class if you have questions.
  • Respect the working space during open gym.  Do not stare or comment while folks are working unless they ask or engage you.
  • Absolutely no students teaching students. We appreciate that you want to help, but you are not covered by our insurance policy to instruct here.
  • The Open Gym supervisors are like lifeguards; they are there to insure safety, not to spot or instruct.
  • Aerialists from other schools and troupes, please contact us before dropping in. (
  • Remember to warm up before, stretch after, and drink plenty of water!

Thank you!!!!!


Adult Open Gym

Please note: we are expanding into a SECOND space starting in January!  Thus our open gym prices have changed, thanks for your understanding!

  • Single visit drop ins are $15
  • $80 for 8 week punchcard

Cash or credit card is accepted




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